1st Alubum『Song for a Sky』

1. Song for my dream
2. Travessia
3. Over the rainbow
4. Polka dots and moonbeams
5. Fly me to the moon
6. On a clear day
7. Skylark
8. Blue skies
9. It might as well be spring
10. Do nothin’ till you hear from me
11. This could be the start of something big
12. Memories of Kitty Kitty Brown


vocal 中溝ひろみ, piano 尾崎 琢也, bass 清水 昭好, drums 田村 陽介, violin maiko,
violin 中垣真衣子, cello 平山 織絵, clarinet 山本 太郎, guitar 宮之上貴昭
Produced by Yoshiaki Miyanoue
[YPM-028 税込3,000円+税] 2011/5/5発売

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