中溝 ひろみ




同年 NY へ渡り武者修行へ、様々なワークショップやセッションに参加。

2011年11月には上海にてボランティア団体の互人多主催、東日本大震災支援コンサートに出演して『木陰』(角田紘之 作詞作曲)を歌い好評を得る。

2011年、宮之上貴昭氏プロデュースで発売したファーストアルバム『Song for a Sky』は自主制作ながら1年半で約1000枚以上を売り上げる。




主な共演者:阿部美緒、井上ゆかり、栗林すみれ、小泉清人、小林豊美、齋藤純一、佐藤慎一、島裕介、清水昭好、須古典明、田辺充邦、俵山昌之、外山安樹子、中丸達也、maiko、宮之上貴昭、平山織絵、福田重男、藤田明夫、山口真文、吉岡秀晃 (五十音順, 敬称略)

Hiromi Nakamizo (singer, pianist, song lyrics writer)

She born in Japan, Saga prefecture. She start playing the piano from 3 years old and begin to learn classical vocal music in high school days, but she was shocked to meet Billy Holiday’s album. Since then she has been devoted to jazz, and was found in jazz guitarist Yoshiaki Miyanoue in college and debuted as a singer. She start live activities in earnest.

In 2008, she won the Grand Prix in the Asakusa Jazz Contest Vocal category. Participated in various workshops and sessions to martial arts training in NY in the same year.

Organized by a volunteer group in Shanghai in November 2011, performed in the Great East Japan Earthquake support concert, it sings and gets popular. In addition to appearing as a special guest at the cherry blossom festival sponsored by Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Active in tours and town development to the region. Currently, as a singer in hotels, live houses, jazz clubs, etc., mainly in Tokyo. She also has a career as a piano player.

In 2011, the first album “Song for a Sky” released by Yoshiaki Miyanoue produced. While selling independently, they will sell more than 1000 copies in a year and a half.

Aside from the wide variety of jazz, American pops, and Brazilian music, the original songs are also unique and well received, and the “100 billion Kiseki” teamed up with Hiroyuki Tsunoda has been adopted as the theme song for the 2012 Nursing Composition Contest be done. In December 2014, she met Yusuke Shima as a producer and released her second album “BIRTH”.

The beautiful angelic singing voice and it’s unmatched clear voice are attractive. And the honest and sincere song attracts many people.